Consumer Services

Service Fee Memorandums


Benefits Analysis

Benefits Analysis


Child Care Services

Child Care Services  


Chiropratic Services

Chiropratic Services


Communication Fax Assessment

Communication Fax Assessment Service  


Community Based Work Transition Program

Community Based Work Transition Program Fee Schedule update  


Community Employment

Community Employment 

Community Rehabilitation Programs

Bonus Payments for Community Rehabilitation Program Outcomes 

OWL Certification Training

Employment Solutions Training

Employment Solutions - Community Rehabilitation Programs

Fee Schedule for Community Rehabilitation Programs

Skill Development Programs at Redwood Computer Learning  


Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services

Explore Your Future Rochester Institute


Deaf at Risk Services

Methodist Family & Rehabilitation Services / Deaf & Hard of Hearing Program in San Antonio

E.H. Genrty Services for the Deaf

Driver Rehabilitation Technology Services

Driver Rehabilitation Technology Program Fees                 


Drug and Alcohol Assessment

Outpatient Drug & Alcohol Assessments at Jefferson Alcohol & Drug Abuse Center


Community Re-Entry Program, Frazier Rehab Center, Louisville

Frazier Rehab Center, Neuro Rehabilitation Program, Brain

Frazier Outpatient Services, Fee Schedule

Hearing Aids and Assistive Listening Devices

Hearing Aid Guidelines

Professional Fee for Personalized Assistive Listening Devices


 Kentucky Hospital Care Program - 2000


Disproportionate Share Hospital Services -

Job Coaching/Job Direction and Retention Services

Job Coaching Services

Interpreting Services/Access Services for Individuals Who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing

Interpreter Fee Schedule - January 2008

Interpreter Fee Schedule for the Center for Accessible Living 

Interpreting Services Through The Hearing Speech & Deaf Center


Interpreting Services (Foreign Languages)

Foreign Language Interpreting and Translating Services

Irlen Services

Irlen Syndrome

Life Skills Coaching

Life Skills Coaching


Maintenance fee Schedule 

Medical Records

Purchase of Existing Medical Information

Nursing Examinations and Licensure

License Examinations & Licensure for Registered Nurses or Practical Nurses 

Orientation and Mobility

Payment Change for Orientation and Mobility Services



Recording Unit Charges


Rehabilitation Technology

Rehabilitation Technology Engineering Fee Schedule - Amended May 2, 2005


Kelly Autism Program at Western Kentucky University

Smooth Move Program at Murray State University

Project Mentor at Murray State 

Amended Project Success Eastern Kentucky University

Purchase of Speecheasy Fluency Device

Supported Employment

Guidelines for Purchase of Supported Employment Services Sept 1, 2007


Self Employment Service Fee Memorandum

Expenditure Categories for Self Employment, February 1, 2006  




 Summer Work Program

 World of Work Program



Clarification on Client Transportation, March 31, 2005 [MS Word - 21KB]
Transportation Fee Schedule [MS Word - 20KB]



Employment Solutions Training

Opportunity for Work and Learining Certification Training

Tutoring/Educational Aide

Educational Support Services Fee Schedule (May 2009)

Van Rental

Rental Modified Van 

Driver Rehabilitation Technology Program Fees - August 1, 2008


Visual Fee Schedule

List of Approved Low Vision Specialists

Vocational Skills Assessment

Vocational Assessment Skills at the Point of Northern Kentucky

Weight Loss

Bariatric Surgery